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Climb aboard the barge, as we explore new depths.

What does BlogBarge do?

Business Insights
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68 percent of people say positive customer reviews make them more likely to use a local business. 12 percent of consumers say that they read reviews, but those reviews don’t influence their decision on which local business to use. 42 percent say that negative reviews make them not want to use a local business.

So, here at blogbarge I travel around to different businesses, and leave honest reviews. Let’s say a second chance for badly reviewed businesses, and a chance to prove their worthiness for greatly reviewed ones.

Some reviews are given by employees, good and bad. Upset customers over a secluded incident and just plain sloppy reviews with no intel. No more we say!

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There is only one way for an honest opinion; EXPERIENCE!

We don’t base out travel blogs off here say, past experiences or marketing ploys from companies to brighten their appearance. We find out first hand. Traveling around to the hottest spots and digging in deep if it is worth YOUR time and money.

Flipping the switch on “Experience” we also aim to use our expertise with blogging and writing to bring the reader easy to comprehend and straight-to-the-point subjects. No more blogs with 1,000 ads, no more blogs with 20 links to make the blogger money. Just plain old blogging!

So what do you say? Travel with me and let’s explore your city, together!

  • Straight to it blogging.
  • Personal knowledge/experience.
  • In person reviews.

Climb aboard the barge! Let’s explore together.

“I’m the captain now“ -Cpt Phillips


I am a writer from, Fort Wayne, Indiana. I’ve been writing for about 8 years. Mostly, novels, short stories and children’s books. I’ve always had a passion for the environment and helping people.

I am also a full time Dad. So, as you could imagine. My time is scarce. Thus, creating my new niche. Blogging! I decided to combine my love for writing and helping others. Thereafter, the birth of #BlogBarge

MY MISSON? (Glad you asked)

When it comes down to it, reviews are only meaningful if they can be trusted. Verified reviews allow consumers to get a trustworthy sense of how companies treat their customers. Reputable reviews make it much easier to figure out which businesses to avoid, saving consumers time and hard earned money, two very precious resources.

As one consumer put it: reviews help you “gather a true idea about companies before parting with your money.”

To sum up – people read reviews because they:

  • Offer valuable guidance from people who’ve used the service or product
  • Make it easier for shoppers to decide
  • Attest to a company’s reliability
  • Indicate what’s the best and worse that could happen
  • Give consumers insight about product quality

You can see why over 88% of consumers trust online reviews to make informed purchases.

Climb aboard the barge and let me help you as we sail towards your new destination.